Mother Earth

6.0 out of 10

This has an earthy tone to it but so many health benefits ..... all right from Mother Earth 

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Generally when making beard oil, the set up costs are a bit on the higher side, but in the long run you save a tremendous amount of money on a cost per ounce basis.

Below are a few charts that generally demonstrate the cost savings when making your own vs buying it off the shelf

Set Up Costs

Generic Vs Premium Retail Brands

Price Per Ounce

Products To Get You Started


Amber Bottles

Essential Oils

Carrier Oil

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Beard Oil

Whiskey Christmas, Man!

First attempt at a beard oil. Smells pretty good, hoping it does the job!

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By Cshyne3

Beard Oil

Kentucky Breakfast Beard

Smells so good you'll want to eat your own beard! And afterwards you can drink at least one of your ingredients!

I've been...

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By BeerCrafted

Beard Oil

Pasar Maluku

Warm and comforting, good for the cold holiday season. With a tropical reminiscence. 

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By Rense

Beard Oil

Hercules beard oil

A very good anti-dandruff beard oil. It reduces itchiness, and leaves the beard shiny and soft. 

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By skatzoxoiros76

Beard Oil

Short and Sweet

Just a quick blend but it sure came together nicely! There are a few special oils but nothing that can't be concocted! A...

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By AEsau

Beard Oil

Soft Lemon Coconut

Light oil for daily use, with a fruity scent of Coconut and Lemon. Makes the beard soft and bright, and very conditioned.


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By aranh4